Missing Teeth

It�s surprising how the loss of a single tooth can cause problems that affect a person�s health, ability to speak or chew, their appearance and ultimately their self-confidence. The loss of a single tooth may not seem significant, yet over a long period of time it can have significant consequences. The more teeth lost the more severe the situation becomes. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Maple, Forman Dental can help get the most out of your smile.

Loss of Chewing Ability

The loss of several teeth will considerably affect one�s ability to chew. Poorly chewed food has been shown to cause intestinal upset. The loss of a single tooth can be overcome by altering chewing patterns, and the effect on chewing efficiency won�t be noticed. However, as forces are increased on certain areas and not evenly distributed, other problems can begin to occur.

Compromise of Remaining Teeth

Teeth need each other for support. When one is missing the others bear more stress and begin to fail. Your adjacent and opposing teeth will begin to fill the space, and your whole bite starts to change. As stability is lost, more and more changes can occur. This can make you more prone to decay, gum disease or other problems. Losing a single tooth causes a domino-like effect.

Bone Loss

When a tooth is lost, the bone that served as its foundation begins to erode. Most of this erosion occurs in the first year after a tooth is lost. With severe erosion, it can become difficult or impossible to replace a missing tooth in some cases.

Bite, Facial Collapse and Smile Changes

Back teeth support the whole bite and maintain the vertical height of the face. When even a single back tooth is lost, the bite at the back of the mouth will change. The adjacent teeth will fill the space and abnormal wear will occur. This contributes to a loss of vertical facial height, and the chin will move closer to the nose causing an �aged� appearance.

Many people think that a missing back tooth is not important because it�s not visible, but that is far from the truth. As bite collapse continues the impact on the front teeth can be quite significant. As the back teeth become over-stressed, more pressure is put on the front teeth which causes wear and fractures. The lost support of lips, cheeks and the tongue can have a drastic impact on the face.

Quality Of Life

With the consequences of tooth-loss, the quality of life can be seriously jeopardized. People today take great pride in their health and well-being, and something that affects appearance can be quite devastating. If you are committed to staying healthy and taking care of yourself, then you won�t likely be willing to accept the changes associated with the loss of your teeth. Replacing a missing tooth is an important step in maintaining good health.