Dental Crown

A crown is a restoration which covers the entire tooth. The crown restores the tooth?s natural form and appearance and protects it from biting pressure. A crown is necessary when the tooth is severely broken down and a normal filling won?t adequately restore the tooth?s strength. When a tooth is cracked, a crown will hold the tooth together ? like a cast does for a broken limb ? this way the damage doesn?t get worse. Crowns are also used to support teeth with large fillings where the remaining tooth structure is susceptible to breaking. Crowns are also used to hold a bridge, restore fractured teeth or to improve the appearance of discolored or badly shaped teeth.

Dental Crown Before

Dental Crown Before | Our Maple Dental office offers dental crown services in Vaughan

Dental Crown After

Dental Crown After | Our Maple Dental office offers dental crown services in Vaughan

Treatment & Procedure

In preparation, the tooth is shaped on top and around all sides to allow the crown to cover the tooth and fit the bite properly. An imprint is taken of the teeth, gums and opposing bite and sent to the lab where the crown is made. A temporary crown is the placed on the tooth until the permanent crown is ready. The temporary crown is removed easily and the permanent crown cemented into place after the fit, colour and bite are confirmed.

Why Consider A Crown?

Crowns are the longest lasting restoration available for a tooth. When the structure of the tooth is compromised, whether from a large filling, crack or fracture, the crown is the best protection it can get. Simply put, the crown keeps your teeth strong for as long as possible and with the fewest complications.